brett slater

Brett Slater

Slater Farms

DEMETER bio-dynamic certified organic farmer

Rain fed rice is grown & milled on the family-owned Slater Farm in Northern Rivers, NSW. Brett Slater, a local bio-dynamic certified farmer with a passion for innovative sustainable farming moved to organic farming practices in 1998 & converted to bio-dynamic growing in 2004. Brett grew his first crop of dryland rice in 2009. He then purchased & set up his own mill on the farm to produce an all-down-the line bio-dynamic grain.

Did you know:

Most rice is grown in irrigated rice paddies?
Irrigated rice agriculture is a big source of atmospheric methane (20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2).

Southern Australian rice crops require approximately 1500 litres of pump water for just 1kg of rice?
In contrast rain fed rice is dryland rice. This means that it requires only natural rainfall & saves critical Australian water resources. Besides being tasty & nutritious, rain fed rice is probably the most sustainable rice in Australia!