Our Farmers & Producers

Meet some of our certified organic farmers and producers.


Anni Brownjohn


ACO certified organic producer

With a family who suffered from food intolerances & incredulous of the amount of everyday foods ladened with artificial colours & preservatives, Anni Brownjohn founded Ozganics in 1999, building her local, organic company from scratch.

Meeting Deborah Wray, in the very first Wray Organic store, both women shared the strong belief that certified organic, wholesome food promotes health & wellbeing. Supporting Anni’s Ozganics label for 10 years, we are proud to introduce a delectable, new, sugar free dressing made exclusively for Wray Organic. We are sure it will become
one of your all time, pantry favourites.


Ian Campbell

Barambah Organics

ACO certified organic dairy farmer

4th generation farmer

Ian & Jane Campbell believe in health & well being, nutrient dense foods & clean living. Being a 4th generation farmer, Ian followed on from his father who from the 1960’s onwards believed in the upmost health of the cows through anti-chemical farming practices.

Proudly an ACO certified dairy producer, Barambah Organics have been supplying Wray Organic since their first, Palm Beach store opened 10 years ago & are grateful to be associated with Wray Organic’s strong advocacy for certified organics.


Katrina Kehoe

Kehoe’s Kitchen

ACO certified organic producer

Australia’s first certified organic sauerkraut producer.

Katrina started making fermented foods to heal her family under the GAPS protocol. This Brisbane business started as a hobby with blogs & shared recipes. Passionate, she began selling food at the local market & within 9 months became Australia’s first certified organic sauerkraut producer.

Says Katrina “I love my partnership with my local retailer Wray Organic, who promote local, certified organic farmers & producers”

Wray Organic was delighted these sensational krauts had become certified organic & were now able to stock them. Kehoe’s Kitchen expanding range of ACO certified products are fast becoming customer’s favourites.



John Sutton

Fordsdale Organic Farms
ACO certified organic

Kale & Shallot grower John Sutton shares his story…

After farming conventionally for many years, it was apparent to John, that with the constant use of chemicals & pesticides on the farm it was becoming not only detrimental to the health of his crops & soils but they were also posing personal health issues.

With drought & lack of soil fertility they began their journey of certified organic farming. Commencing in 2003 pesticide free, they became fully ACO certified in 2005. Today sees local, Fordsdale Organic Farm in abundance of nutrient rich, dense fertile soils producing crops that not only taste sensational but are full of the minerals & vitamins we need. The surrounding environment is healthy & we are healthy.

Wray Organic stores are proud to be in partnership with our local certified organic Fordsdale farming family who supply kale, silverbeet, cauliflower, shallots, herbs, broccoli, pumpkin & cabbage.