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carrot and ginger soup

Always handy to keep a 2kg bag of certified organic juicing carrots in the fridge. You save on cost, yet they’re the same quality as the perfect ones. A lot of my recipes include this versatile, nutritious & great value vegetable. This soup is delicious served hot or cold.  

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tempeh bol lrg

tempeh bolognaise

Tempeh is fermented soybean. A number of health professionals refer to it as ‘the good soy’. My tempeh bolognaise is a very simple recipe & believe me when you serve it everyone will think it’s meat! This is a great value family meal, which provides plenty of protein from the tempeh.

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apple & spice cake…& all things nice

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’…just make sure the apples are certified organic. Certified organic apples are not grown with the use of synthetic chemicals, food waxing aids are not permitted & they’re not ‘treated’ to make them last beyond their natural life.

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